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Identity / Self-initiated Project

I was interested in exploring the relationship between family members (30 people, 15 families) – children and adults, mostly grandchildren

and grandparents. The general concept of my multimedia project is to present a different point of seeing ourselves, understanding our lives and focusing on who we truly are and how we change.


My project is a self-authored, personal piece of work. I am engaging the audience with the possibility to see a person from a different perspective.


The content of my work is a series of video interviews. The themes, which are central to my project, are: 

Does our personality / identity change? Are we still the same person from childhood to adolescence? How do we know who we truly are? What do we hope for? What do we dream about?


My target audience is all age groups - from youngest to oldest. My project aims to communicate to different gender and age groups with different cultural and social background.


Watch videos of this project here:

Project Website: www.identity.umdesign.eu

Youtube: www.identity.umdesign.eu

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